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Welcome to the official American Kenpo Karate International forum.

This is a PUBLIC forum setup up for the sharing of information and was placed here for the enjoyment of all regardless of affiliation. We ask that you help us to maintain this forums original purpose. Any slanderous comments made about any ORGANIZATION or INDIVIDUAL will be removed. If you do not leave your name and a valid email address your posting may also be removed.

If you are interested in finding the closest AKKI instructor to you, please visit our Regional Representatives page and contact your area's Regional Rep for more information.

American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) Public Forum
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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Gee Thanks

I also would like to respond to all that is being said about the subject of asking questions. I am the Ohio rep and train with Brian( the last person who posted). Barthalomew's questions on his first post were innocent and good questions deserving of some kind of answer. I am sure many people(including myself) would like to know the status of the 2nd brown material, the updating of the website and the ground material. Some of us do not train with the AKKI seniors or have direct access to Mr.Mills. The camps and this forum should be safe places to ask questions and share information. We should not be afraid members are going to take offense if a question about the AKKI is asked. We all believe in this organization and Mr. Mills. If we didn't we would not spend so much time and money trying to keep progressing in this art. If no one really knows the answers to these questions an email directly to Mr. Mills might be the answer but arguing with eachother on the forum surely is not.

Good Luck to All and Keep Training
Russ Curry