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American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) Public Forum
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Kathy Owen & Marlene Shear: A job well done in Jersey

The demonstration put on by Kathy Owen & Marlene's Shear's team (during the opening ceremonies the 2008 Jersey Kenpo gathering) was nothing short of powerful. Not withstanding the physical abilities demanded, there was a message for the spirit that reminded us all of the great relationship between teacher and student; human helping human. I sat next to Mr. Pick the whole time and at the conclusion he must have repeated "very nice" about 10 times while physically applauding. The work they put into the demonstration paled in comparison to the outcome of their effort...and it was clear that a great deal of work went in.


Re: Kathy Owen & Marlene Shear: A job well done in Jersey

Here here!!! You guys rocked!!!! Cameron - sorry I fogot to hijack the Chinese Dragon Dance!!!

Nice seeing you all in Jersey and getting the chance to train with you in Bernie's school.

Congratulations for all the medals and trophies which you guys took home. I guess you had to pay for excess luggage!!!

Hope to get over to Evanston and catch up with you all in the next camp.