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American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) Public Forum
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Me Too!

I gotta' admitt, this has been one of the best camps for me since those heady days when the new curriculum was being introduced en masse. While all the seminars were of the caliber and quality we have come to expect from AKKI instructors, of special note to me were Greg Hilderbrand's "Working the Gap" which gave me a new understanding of range, distance, gap, and making our techniques "street". Scott Hilderbrand's "Street Ready, Reality Wise" delved into two legs of our triangle missing from so much martial instruction. Using mental imagery and our personal belief system to enhance the physical aspects of our kenpo. Ryan Wheaton "Tapping into the Spinal Reflex Arc" gave me great insight into using Centerline Set as a reactive training tool for fighting and ambush attacks. I'm not quite ready to work "ghetto" kenpo so I'll just keep it street.
Josh Lannon's "Ground and Pound" was of special interest to me because of my BJJ background. His knowledge of groundwork is exceptional as was his introduction of the AKKI Groundwork curriculum. Finally, groundwork that emphasizes kenpo concepts and principles rather than having to use BJJ/Grappling techniques. Then there's Paul Mills, 61 years old, a post operative shoulder, and he still scare's the hell out of me with his speed and power. I had the opportunity to introduce our Puerto Rican Rep. Dr. Wilmer Sanchez to him who requested a Paul Mills "touch". At 6'2" and 220+ lbs. Dr. Sanchez collapsed from what looked like an effortless backfist to the mid-section with no "body" behind it.
I'm already researching flights to Evanston in Sept. Thanks to the Mills family and their support network for another awesome camp. See you in Evanston.

Re: Me Too!

It was great to see you and train with you again, Mr. Rick! Can't wait until next time!