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American Kenpo Karate International (AKKI) Public Forum
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Thank You Everyone

I too wanted to thank Mr. & Mrs. Mills for this past camp. It was one to remember! I know there is so much that goes on to put these camps and you two pull it off flawlessly each and every time.

Thank you to all whom attended my seminars and congratulations to all those that tested and passed their belt tests this camp!

I wanted to take a (selfish) minute and congratulate my students on their black belt promotions:

1) Mr. Jess Leonard (1st black belt)
2) Ms. Christine Malone (1st black belt)
3) Mr. Kelly Renfrow (1st black belt)
4) Mr. Rex Stratton (1st black belt)
5) Mr. Shawn Gough (3rd black belt)
6) Mr. George Thomsen (3rd black belt)

Everyone did an outstanding job and made it an extremely proud and humbling day for me. This was one of the best belt tests I have ever witnessed and was happy to have you all out there.

I also had several colored belts test all of whom did an outstanding job representing our studio. They include Josh (green), Jessica T (purple), Nate (orange), Jessica J.(yellow) and thanks to Cheryl and Heather for jumping out on the test just for fun!

Take care everyone and see you in Evanston!

Re: Thank You Everyone

It's all Five Swords, lol!

Re: Thank You Everyone

Everyone who got to see Mr. Wheatons could see he has set the bar very kigh in his school. All your guys put on an excellent test. Your energy and motion were a 10. Allways good to see the next wave coming up it motivates us Senior to keep training hard to stay ahead of you. Congrads!
John Herman
6th Degree Black Belt
AKKI S. Nevada rep.

Re: Re: Thank You Everyone

Mr. Herman, thank you for your comments! I will pass them along to my students. I agree with you... they push me everyday to keep training hard!

Your friend,