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MLM?...Read this first!!

"Let's be real here for a second ...most everyone fails in MLM.
Dont get me wrong, I love network marketing and I believe that a person needs to take some responibility for their own success/failure, but the reality is that the network marketing companies aren't doing anythign to help us. If we get TOTALLY REAL with ourselves, then we realize that it's not about the product or service that the company offers but rather the fact that we want to make alot of money. And...if we want to make alot of money then we need DUPLICATION. And if we want duplication then we should stop cold calling people, and 3-waying to our upline, and getting shot down by friends and family etc... (THATS NOT SIMPLE AND THEREFORE DUPLICATION WON'T HAPPEN!)

In my opinion the companies need to stop focusing on the bottle of wonder juice they are selling and have it set up so that whatever task(s) are necessary to
achieve duplication are not only easy but also simple. By these companies not focusing on simple duplication they are not setting you up for success"
Find the people that really know what they're doing.

"Now in Pre-Launch --