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Small italian van

There are some seriously beautiful cars on this website. Thank you for sharing!!
I have a quick question and would really appreciate your guidance.
Im looking to buy a small italian van for a food truck business I want to start in Bristol and was wondering if you could direct me to some neat/vintage looking models that you really like and appreciate.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Till further, Steven

Re: Small italian van

Hi Steven.
Sorry Sir, I completely missed your post. Old Fiat vans are pretty hard to come by. The 850 Amigo probably would be the best to use if you can find one. Most are camper vans though.
There's only 5 or so Panda Vans in the UK so I doubt you'll find one of those.
If money isn't a problem then look for a 500 Gardinarie van as that would be a bit special.

Unfortunately I don't know anyone selling any of these so it's Ebay or Classic cars for sale I'm afraid.

Sorry I can't be of more use.