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X19 Fiat Panda Mk2 1994

Hi Stuart, Can you tell me if X19 Bertone alloy wheels will fit my Mk2 fiat panda 1000clx, also if the X19 steering wheel will fit as well. Thanks for taking the effort to run such a great site. Regards Seb

Re: X19 Fiat Panda Mk2 1994

Hi Seb.
If the wheels are 98 pcd then they will fit but you'll have to check they are ok on full lock that they don't rub as I'm not sure about their offset.

For the steering wheel I have no idea. But if I had to guess I would say it more than likely would fit because the indicator stalks are the same layout. Personally I'd go for a Cinquecento sporting wheel as its a straight swap and looks like it came on the car.

Hope that's of use.

Ta, Stuart