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Fiat 500 Wheels


This may be a daft question, but I see you spray painted your Fiat 500 wheels. You don't appear to have masked of the tyre.

I'm thinkin gof spraying my 500 wheels too and was wondering how you managed to get away without the hassle of masking tape. What paint did you use and how did you get the paint off the tyres?



Re: Fiat 500 Wheels

Hi Ali.
I paint the tyres with black tyre paint and leave them a few days to dry in. Then I rub the wheels down and this usually takes away any residue that might have been left. After the wheels are painted I use a thin style wire brush that takes the tyre paint off with any overspray on leaving the tyres fine. I finish off using Armourall tyre foam.

Hope that helps.