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Fiat Panda Bumpers


I was hoping you could help me. I'm restoring a Panda 1000s and I'm in need of replacement front bumper. I have found a Mark 1 Panda bumper on Ebay and I was wondering if that might fit my car?
BTW I live in Auckland, New Zealand and Panda's are few and far between over here, so your advice/help is much appreciated!

All the best,


Re: Fiat Panda Bumpers

Hi Stephen. Good to hear from you. Its great to see my little site has been of some help to you. I'm afraid the MK1 bumper won't fit the MK2 you have.
I have asked the panda guys in the panda section of a forum called the Fiat Forum to see if we can come up with one for you so as soon as i hear anything I'll get back to you.
But why don't you log onto to the Fiat forum as you will find a lot of info there and the guys very helpful.
Oh and please post photo's of your restoration as its always to see how other people do theirs.

Ta, Stuart

Re: Fiat Panda Bumpers

Hi Stuart,

I was about to take a punt and buy that Mark One bumper out of pure desperation, so thanks so much for your advice and help!

Your site has been really helpful and inspiring. I've been obsessed with Fiat Panda's for a long time and I finally managed to get one last year. It's in need of quite a bit of work but worth it none the less.

I'll definitely post some photos.

Thanks again!