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Any questions about my Fiat Panda van

If any questions you'd like to ask about this car please fell free to do that here.

Re: Any questions about my Fiat Panda van

Dear Stuart,

That Fiat Panda van is incredible! I've got a Panda myself and would love to convert it to a van. I've searched the internet for an afternoon and couldn't find any parts for the enlargement. Do you know where to find the parts?


Best, Dick

Re: Any questions about my Fiat Panda van

Hi Dick
The only Place I was able to get the parts was from a friend in Serbia but he has been unable to find any more. That would be your best place to look.

regards, Stuart

Re: Any questions about my Fiat Panda van

I am in need of help and you may just be the man .. IK have the only 4x4 panda mk1 .. 1995 its an ie with single point inj. .. I am re assembling it and for some reason I have made an error and not taken note of 2 wires and their location .. there are 2 green/ black together with an 8mm eye and a white/black with a 6mm eye they are together out of the same loom as the rest of the engine terminals (i.e. temp sender coils etc ) .. they give the impression of being from the alternator but are not as they are simple to work out and are present .. I have tried many sources to find a wiring diagram but to no avail ... can you help ? I would send an e-mail with a picture if I had your e-mail address