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Any questions about my Fiat 500F

If any questions you'd like to ask about this car please fell free to do that here.

Re: Any questions about my Fiat 500F


Could you please tell me the make of trailer you use for the 500 in your pictures?

I have a 500 thats in need of a little work, unfortunately im about the least mechanically minded person in the world, and i thought about the possiblity of having it on a trailer so i can take it to other places to try and mend her.

Your car looks lovely, they are quite the head turners aren't they!



Re: Any questions about my Fiat 500F

Hi Jack. The traier doesn't have a make. It was made proffessionally for a Smart car dealer over here and its perfect for the 500, Fiat 126. It will take a Fiat Panda to but that ones right on the edge.

Unfortunately I might end up having to sell it as I could be doing with a large trailer for some of the other cars.