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Any questions on my Lancia Evolution

If you've any questions about the lancia please ask them here.

Re: Any questions on my Lancia Evolution


I don't know whether you remember, but you commented on a Delta Integrale 16v build thread over on Evo Community forum about 3 years ago. The work came to a halt as Flewy had other things on his plate, but I've now bought the car and Dave (Flewy) is going to be carrying on the restoration for me.
Back in 2012, you were mentioning sourcing original panels from guys who worked at Lancia/Fiat and I was wondering if you have any contacts or avenues to pursue? Looking for a scuttle panel, tailgate and sills...

Hope you can help, nice reading about your cars btw!



Re: Any questions on my Lancia Evolution

Hi, Great write up on your Lancia. May I ask where you purchased your engine bay sticker set. I cant find them anywhere!