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Hi Stu and all
What do you use for polishing and how do you use it.
I use 3M polishing paste for best quality and it is a dry polish,and I use 2000 sand paper to remove all imperfections before polishing.
I also use farecla products and it is wet polish,but I can not achieve a result like with 3M.And use them on less demanding things.
I use G6,G3 and in the end G10.

Re: Polishing

Hi Rele and firstly apologies for only getting to respond to you now.

I use 1500 and 2000 W&D with a squirty bottle of soapy water as I find the soap in the water helps reduce the paper from clogging and giving a chance of the clogged paper marking the paint.

After that I use G3 Farecla with clean water, G10 and finally I use a polish called Greased lightening that is excellent for taking the scum left by the G10 off. I use it with a very soft buff wheel and I find it brings the car up a treat.

Hope this helps and good to hear from you.