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Questions on 127

I´m Bob from Portugal,
i m restoring a 127 903 cc witch willhave aa112 abarth engine, out of all the restoration i v seen on 127, yourss is by far the best one,
i was wondering if you can help me find the color name and code of that 127 sport orange color,i would also want to know if it is posible to get tohose stickers anyware? best regards
Grats on the great job

Re: Questions on 127

Hi Bob. Good to see another being retored. It should be pretty nippy with the Abarth engine fitted. Why don't you post soe photo's of it on here, I'd love to see how you get on.

Paint code is 255F - Arancio Racing.
I got the decals from someone who seen my restoration and offered me them. If i hadn't got them I was for just getting a set made.
I think I have one still but I put it away to keep it safe and now can't find it. If I can come across it I'll take a photo copy of it and send it to you so you can get them copied and made up. I want to hang on to this one in case I ever decide to build anothr Sport.

Hope this would be of help to you.

Re: Questions on 127

Hi Stuart,
great thanks for your fast reply to my question!

the color code you gave me, is it original from fiat?
is it easy to get?

i ll send you some pics of my 903c before i started restoring it!

i m trying to get the a112 motor, but if dont get it, i m going to install the 903 with abarth preparation, i allready have abarth valve cover, abarth 4-2-1- exhaust and exhaust pipe, webber double 32dmtr carburator, magnet marelli electronic ignition,facet silver top fuel pump and king filter, oil cooler, metal braided fuel line all the way, will work the head, fly wheel and some other comnponents.all mecanic parts as brake sistem, shoks etc will be all new.

you can see the restoration here:

best regards,

Re: Questions on 127

Yes that's the original Fiat colour.
Unfortunately I can't see all the photos on the link you posted as it's asking me to register first. So I'll look forward to seeing any you post here.


127 Carrello Headlights

Hi, Very nice thread. Strange as it may seem many Fiat parts were used in (Italian) Laverda motorbikes in the 1980s. Laverdas were very exclusive then and way beyond my pocket. I'm now restoring one but the standard Siem Fiat 127 headlamp, single H4 isn't really up to the bikes 140mph+ performance!! Is it true that that the Carello unit as fitted to the 127 Sport was a better twin bulb unit? If so are they still available?? (NB the bike also uses complete (but Laverda branded) instrument console from the 127). regards Ralph