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Lancia Martini

I'm joe, from Lebanon, i'm owner for Blue lagos 1993.
i've saw your renovation of the Lancia Martini, i did the same for my blue lagos, by the way amazing car the Martini, but i faced some difficults concerning the engine parts, especially forged pistons set for modifications, i'm thankful if you can provide me by trusting addresses where i can find modificated parts, so i can contact them.
I'm looking forward from you and i'm happy to keep in touch
Best regards and good job

Joe Aoun

Re: Lancia Martini

Hello Joe. Thank you for the kind words. Much appreciated.
If you have a look through the links section of my site I have various links to good integrale suppliers.
Most notable would be John Whalley and Auto Integrale. A lot of the guys I know use them and speak very highly of both. I personally find the guys at John Whalley very helpful with anything I need.
Hope that's of some help to you. And please if you have any photos of the rebuild of your Blue Lagos, send them on to me as I would be very happy to host them on the site.
Thanks, Stuart

Re: Lancia Martini

i think one of our friends has now bought this car in Lebannon.

Small world!

Plenty of parts in Jordan tho!