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My Dad, primary food-buyer doesn't support me :[

he is being really unsupportivee about me becoming Veggie. (im pretty much lacto, but i want to go in stages and work my way to vegan.) He doesn't like going to the "veggie" store. which is pretty much a natural foods store.

last night, he tricked me into eating a spinach soufle. i didnt know that there was eggs in it.He did. It was probably the worst thing i ever eaten that my dad considered "vegetarian". it was so bland, and thats what he thinks i should eat EVERY NIGHT. just cause he doesn't want to stop going to target "SUPERSTORE".
I dont know what to do, i cant buy my own food, im 14, and he doesnt want me to learn how to drive, because we dont have enough money for another car, and that means no job so its like a cruel circle...

he even asked me when this trend would last. I told him " that ill stay veggie for the rest of my life" he still doesnt take me seiously..