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Re: To all of you vegans

Hi Kayla,

I am doing the exact same thing & I know how you feel. Here are the best things that I can offer you to help with the big decision.

Firstly, I heard that the natural life span of a chicken is 15-20 years, but even in free range egg farms(which arn't as perfect as they are made out to be), they are murdured after 1. Secondly, all male chicks are killed at birth as they can't lay eggs. Thirdly, the hens are rarely even let out of the ware houses on a free range farm! I don't know much about milk except that conditions are similar to those of a factory farm. Also, the milking machines hurt them as can over milking.

The main pro of veganism is not taking part in any of the above. The tiny little con is that without propper care, you won't get propper nutrition but all that is easily fixed with a careful & healthy diet.

hope that I helped!

Re: To all of you vegans

Hi, I'm Jonah and I was a vegan for three years and now I'm an ovolactovegitarian too. I know alot about veganism. So if you have any questions, feel free to write me.

Re: To all of you vegans

I'm 14 and I love being a vegan. At first it was hard to resist all those milky products but then I got used to it and I feel great! If you do descide to become vegan I reccomend you haveing a B12 vitamin everyday or you could suffer from B12 anemia.
Good luck!

Re: To all of you vegans

i actually just switched to veganism myself, and i have never felt better, physically and mentally. which in itself i think outweigh any bad. howeverif you go vegan make sureyou go to a nutritionist or at least a good health food store and get good vitamins. i take a multi and a b12 daily. also,i would try to stay away from resteraunts for about the first month. but after that first month, i stopped even wanting dairy.

if you decide to go vegan try recipies from

they have vegan everything and most of it is just as good as the real stuff, if not better!

hope i helped :]