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Hi! I'm new!

Hi! I'm new!

I have been veg all my life and find it a little bit hard to find friends who respect my beleifs so I came here! Anyone else have the same problems?

Re: Hi! I'm new!

Yeah, i have the same exact problem. My friends don't think I made the right decision and expressed thier concerns, but then last week I told them I was becoming vegan and they flipped out! On top of this, my parents don't like the idea of me being vegan and everytime they cook dinner i always have to make something for myself. AND my brother always teases me.
The only support i find in this process is from my sister and my BFF who is vegitarian.
I'm relieved I'm not the only one who doesn't have a lot of support (now I don't feel as alone, we all support each other here). I'm also new here, so welcome to us both!