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Vegan Outreach and Animal Advocacy

Hi from Vegan Outreach!

This past semester, Vegan Outreach employees and volunteers were responsible for the distribution of nearly 350,000 pro-vegetarian brochures at universities across the United States and Canada. Through our Adopt-A-College program, we have reached hundreds of thousands of college-age students and introduced them to the concepts of animal protection and the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Our mission is to reduce the amount of suffering in the world, and as you all know, an immense amount of suffering results from the agribusiness industry. Factory farming in the United States accounts for 95% of the animal-based foods that the average consumer will buy at their local grocery store. Most of the cruel practices of industrialized animal farms are hidden from the general public, which is why we consider the knowledge we're spreading at Vegan Outreach to be the most important for the dissolution of intensive animal agriculture. You can read more about our philosophy of animal advocacy in an essay by Vegan Outreach co-founder Matt Ball, "A Meaningful Life."

We're looking for volunteer leafleters across the globe to help us make the Spring 2007 semester the best yet for our Adopt-A-College program. You don't have to be a college student -- our current leafleters range in age from under 14 years old to over 70. We think leafleting is the most efficient and cost-effective way to introduce these crucial concepts to a broad audience. For more information, and how you can get started, check out our Adopt-A-College website at

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at jenna (at) Here's to a productive and peaceful new year for the animals.

Jenna Calabrese
Vegan Outreach