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Re: im new, please help me

I'm new too! haha, I'm going raw AFTER new years, I love lasagna! Today, I've eaten a bagel and half a cream puff I don't know any other teens going raw, but I get lots of inspiration from books. Oodles to you!

Re: im new, please help me

Hey, Congrats on going vegetarian! It was pretty tough for me, but it's completely worth it! You may not have any trouble. Have you told your parents about your decision yet? Be prepared for any reaction (the reactions I got were of complete oblivion!). Check out some websites for great ideas and recipes. Some of my fave's are: -- this one is a must-see -- they can hook you up with a standard veg starter kit

There are SO many other great ones. Don't be afraid of trying new foods. Despite what your parents might think, tofu is NOT from Mars!
I have one vegetarian friend luckily, you may be able to convert some! If you want to chat, or need any advice, don't hesitate to email me!