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New...neone wanna help??

Hii :]

How are you today? okay, I am Kelsey. I am 14. And I live in Texas. I am a new vegetarian. And I was just-a-looking for some more people like me.

My friends look down on me for doing this. My mom is the only one in my family who supports me. Except my grandparents. But out of my main family, it would only be my mom. And I thank her so much for this.

So, anyone out there who wants to talk. holla at me. Peace-

-Kelsey Ka-bang

Re: New...neone wanna help??

I'm new too! I really want to meet some more teens raw/vegan teens, cooked food is such a temptation! lol, I'm going raw AFTER the christmas season. TTYL!