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dating a meat eater........

okay, my boyfriend is perfect, except he's a meat eater. a BIG meat eater...we are planning on getting married in a couple of years, and i just cant see myself fixing meat for him. we've planned on having kids and he said that he doesnt want them to be vegetarians. he said that they can make their own choice when they are mature enough. i said that was fine, but i wont fix them meat. the other thing that bothers me is that he used to work and probably will work in a manufacturing plant that made the machines that are sent to slaughter houses...that really bothers me. he has repeatedly told me that the machines are as painless as possible, but i still dont agree with it. i love him alot and do want to spend the rest of my life with the boy, but that just crushed me, knowing that he did that and contributed to the murder of animals. it just bothers me. what should i do?

please don't say break up with him, becuase i won't.

Re: dating a meat eater........

Woah! complete opposite views on the whole veg thing. the guy i am with was a big meat eater too.. we're not really planning to get married anytime soon lol but the same conversations have come with him. at first when i told him that i was a vegetarian he didnt understand exactly how much my heart was in it he didnt want to change his lifestyle at all. the more we talked about it though the more he saw how much it would mean to me if he made even a couple of changes to they way he does things and the products he uses, i think our talks went well and he was able to understand better because it wasnt like an argument where i was telling him not to do something and he felt i was making him change all thesethings or like i was trying control him and tell him he was wrong. part of being in a relationship i guess is being able to compromise. if your boyfriend loves you a lot which im sure he does i think in time he might be willing to make some changes. especially if he sees that what hes doing hurts you. my boyfriend is now considering going veg..or just eating less meat it was gradual though and happened over many months.hes almost there!lol so there is hope! and.. they can be won over! i think it would be good to just have a calm talk with him lol.. compromise and give it time.

Re: Re: dating a meat eater........

OMG, lose the zero and get ur self a vegan hero, eatin animalz is wrong an ppl shouldnt do it eva.

Re: dating a meat eater........

The factory farm thing is just wrong. I say you give him an ultimatum (even if you won't actually leave). If he luvs u, he will make the right decision. Good luck!