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Re: HELP OLD PEOPLE, lol im so sweet

lol,now i think you should just stand up and tell them to SHUT UP. My parents dont have a problem with my beliefs but I understand that it can be hard as a few people I know have those sort of "problems". I think if you just stand up to them they will realise this is what you want to do and probably wont mimic you anymore as they (hopefuly) will realise this is not a joke. Otherwise i cant think of much else to do. Try looking at other chat rooms or boards to see if anyone else can come up with anything.


Oh my god!!! That's exactly my problem!! My dad seems to think that It's dumb and that I'm some sort of feak because I'm standing up for something that I believe in for once in my life!! I just want you to know you're not alone and I completely understand!


I totally understand. My parents are a little more understanding(they buy me meatless "meat" and stuff. But yeah, they still think it is totally natural to eat animals. They say it's ow our forefathers lived and survived. Give me a break!

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My parents don't understand why I chose to become a vegetarian. They think its stupid and I am wasting my time. They are supposed to support me in my decisions and help me with them, not judge me by my sentiment towards other livings things! BTW I am 14 so don't be freaked if you think im some 40 year old chick who needs acceptance from her parents, lol. I have been a vegetarian for a little over a year (since May 6th 204) and all this time my parents riddiculed me and humiliated me for becoming a vegetarian.SOMEBODY HELP ME I AM SO CONFUSED!


Im sorry, i know that Im not vegetarian yet, but I want to become one, im having my last hamburger tonight, the nim going vegetarian for a week to try it, just show your parents your serious about it, and when they make comments, just politely explain your reasons, and why you dont eat meat, good luck!