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Re: a Quik... or long question

Dude, tell them you care very much for animals and really want to become vegetairian. It wont hurt them and has absolutly nothing to do with them. If they teas you they arnt really your friends ( i know that is SOOO cheezy but it is true) I became a vegetarian last year on my birthday when I was 13 and it wasnt all that hard. My parents didn't accept it or me, but oh well. My parents arnt that great anyway so I am sure that youre will be fine. DOn't worry and just make sure to present a strong, valid argument. If they say TO BAD YOUR NOT GOING TO BE VEGETARIAN, then **** them, its your life anyway.

Re: Re: a Quik... or long question

Thank you, tho i was meaning vegan that helps me to be a bit less shy towards friends, and parents.