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Re: animals

The bear cannot help killing the fish... it is a natural instinct and they do not realize that they are hurting or killing the fish. Being a vegetarian going vegan myself i think it is wrong to kill any animal or fish etc. though bears do not think that kind of way...

That's my different point of view

enjoy you're ...

Re: animals

did my mess not work?! oh well i'll do it again:

To me that is quite silly- most humans will think it is horriible to kill another human and i dont see any difference in killing another human to killing an animal so there is my opinion on killing the as for the bears...

The bear can't help eating the it is a natural instinct and it doesny realise that it is killing the fish. But we do so we can make a difference where they may not...

thats my point of view


Re: animals

oh it did work lol i wrote all that... go me!