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Wanting to go Vegetarian

This is something I've been thinking about for awhile... and have been actually wanting to say 'try'. I'm not a big meat eater, personally... and I actually prefer to eat more veggies, rice, and pasta and such.
Ask anyone I know, they'd tell you my diet basically consists of pasta, rice, and bread. I'm aware, though, I'm going to have to make a lot of changes in my eating habits.

I do not plan on becoming a full Vegan, but rather meat-free, so to speak. My family, though all meat-eaters, support the ideas. So I'm planning on making this my New-Year's resolution, to become a full-time vegetarian.

I have read some articles on the fact that it may be hard to get the full amount of certain essentials, such as Omega 3 fatty acids (yes, I've been looking all over the site ), Iron, and B-12.

Therefore, I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for a starting out Vegetarian on how I can get all of my vitamins and such. Any tips of meals and things that I may need to buy. I'm sure, I'll probably want to get Tofu (which is actually one of my most favorite things! I love Tofu!).

But yes, any tips you might have would be SO helpful! Thank you so much!!!

Re: Wanting to go Vegetarian

my family r all meat eaters too, but they try to support me. it is sometimes a tricky situation to get all my protein. this may not be the best solution, but what i do is eat a soy protein bar everyday along with peanut butter and nuts. if you're not going vgan (im not) eggs are pretty good too. good luck!

Re: Re: Wanting to go Vegetarian

I could never go Vegan... I love chocolate too much! ^___^

My mom's been making an effort to help me be a veggitarian. They were pretty skeptical when I told them I wanted to be one.

Re: Re: Re: Wanting to go Vegetarian

Try dark chocolate. It's even better than milk chocolate, and it's vegan. :)

Re: Wanting to go Vegetarian

go sign up at
everyone there will offer lots of help :)