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i could use some help


I'm Amy and am 16 year old highschool student. I'm a vegetarian-going-on-vegan and found out that i was expected to dissect in my grade 11 bio class this year. I'm trying to get a student choice policy on dissection started at my school so that all students have the right to an alternative to dissection that does not include dropping the course, accepting a failing grade or watching.It's proven harder than i thought!

If anyone else has been involved in anything like this at their school or has any ideas i could really use the help. feel free to add me on msn or email me.


Re: i could use some help

sorry, icant really offer much exept to tell teachers you have a moral/relig. reson why your not dissecting, and offer to do an online demo. i love 's dissectin page, thats what our old school used to do, because it was a christian anti-dissection school.