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Re: Want to switch from vegetarian to vegan

whats the difference between vegitarian and vegan?

Re: Want to switch from vegetarian to vegan

im glad you have made the choice to go vegan!well, you dont need to go vegan all at once, start slowly, and eventually eliminate all animal proouducts.

try somthing like this

week one:
- get rid of leather and fur items
-use soymilk on ceral instead of regular milk
-when having a glass of milk, try soy milk instead
-instead of having egss for breakfast, try some tofu scramblers, or some soy "meat" breakfast meats with vegan cheese( if it says vegetarian on the cover, doenst mean its vegan. check if it has cesien)

week 2:
-buy some aleternitive animal prouduct free items, such as soap, tothpaste, ect.

week 3:
- stop eating anything that abously has eggs in it.

week 4:ditch all dairy, and try new alternatives(like, pangeas vegan snacks are really good, and not too pricey)

week 5: visit sites like peta to find complete lists of animal prouducts, and take those lists with you to stores. try to avoid buying anything with cesien, honey, geletain, rennet, ect

week 6: pay even more attention to what you eat and what you buy. try going out for dinner once this week, and see if you can score a good vegan meal.

it may seem hard to go vegan, but its increadibly easy.

for your mother, you should show her good reqasouces for, peta, ect. tell her your making the decision to respect all life, and to help your own health!

good luck!

Re: Want to switch from vegetarian to vegan

then check out some books from the library, or look on the freaking internet.