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Does anyone know how to make a vegan cake or pie??

Hi my name is Emma and could anyone tell me how to make a vegan pie or cake??? Or give me a website that can show me?? Thank-you
P.S.-visit my website its not finished but its looking good it has some web movies.

Thanks, eMmA
Warning- my website contans some very shocking stuff of what they do to animals, unless you are vegan or vegetarian maybe you should not go.
Thanks again

Re: Does anyone know how to make a vegan cake or pie??

one way to make a cake is to use soy milk intested of regular milk, and to use applesauce instead of eggs.

just mix as much milk you would normally put in with regular milk, and add applesauce until the mix has a good cakebatter texture, and tastes good on the fingers. i would give you an exact recipe, but i dont have one, i sorta just mix enough till it looks right, and it comes out tasting rather good.