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Re: Eggs

There is an egg substitute called Egg Beaters. You can use them in omelettes and just about everything else. Peanuts are a good source of protein and I think pasta is too. Also you should eat a lot of meat substitutes like Boca burgers.

Re: Re: Eggs

thanx, i'll have to try it. I do eat meat substiutes alot,and i LOVE peanut butter, anwayz .

Re: Eggs

glad I could help.

Re: Re: Eggs

Tofu is always good. Or any other soy product. You might want to check out some began websites, they have info on how to get certain nutrients. I think might have something to help you.

Re: Re: Re: Eggs

try vallia soy milk. it is a good source of protien and tastes like a vanllia milk shake oh and try veggie dogs there good too does have some really good stuff too i think