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vegan transition HELP!!!!!!!

I am really interested in becoming a vegetarian. I hear it's a very healthy diet and I want to become a more healthy eater. Can someone give me ideas of what I can eat and what I can't? And is it hard to make the transition? Please IM (Dollpartz200 or email me (

Re: vegan transition HELP!!!!!!!

I didn't find it hard at all to go vegetarian (I went 5 years ago). The trick is to make the transition at your own pace while experimenting with foods that you might not have considered eating before. Spinach and beans a great source of protein, as are many store-bought phoney meats. In that vein, try to find a natural food store in your area or scope out the freezer section of your supermarket for food ideas. There are TONS of support groups online for people making the transition to vegetarianism; try getting some more help from the more active ones. Best of luck to you! -J

Re: vegan transition HELP!!!!!!!

You should check out and order their free vegetarian starter kit. Also a vegan doesn't eat/use any animal products-no meat, cheese, milk, eggs, leather, fur, etc. A vegetarian doesn't eat any meat, but still eats eggs and dairy.