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raw for lent?

I was wondering about a couple things, does lent start on Ash wednesday? And does it go through good friday or easter?

I was thinking about eating raw for lent, if my parents let me. But I don't want to make myself get sick, so what exactly do raw vegans eat? canned fruit allowed? Or is that not considered raw? How do you get the right nutrition, etc?

I need a lot of help! I might give this a shot. Would anybody want to do this with me? It might be difficult, but I'm sure my health would benefit a lot=) And I would mind losing a few lbs as a benefit, but that wouldn't be my reason for eating raw. And if I could do this, maybe I could stick to being vegan afterwards. Help!


Re: raw for lent?

what about nuts? etc? All of you raw fooders, what does a typical day (meals) look like?

Re: raw for lent?

I decided to just list all my questions here that I haven't posted above:
Are the following foods "raw"?
-Apple and Orange Juice
-Soy Sauce
-Silk Soy Milk
-Canned Fruits/Vegetables
-What brands of nuts are raw?
-What about salad dressings?
-Do they sell granola, nori sheets, raw oatmeal, thai coconut, pumpkin seed butter, vanilla bean, at a regular grocery store? Are there specific brands for this? Because I have no idea where to start shopping!

~Chica I think I am really going to do this

Re: raw for lent?

can you eat potatoes? How would you make them...not hard w/o cooking them?

Re: Re: raw for lent?

I think you could do potatoes, and season them with (soy) butter and salt and pepper and stab a fork in them so the heat can vent and have baked potatos? (wrapped in tinfoil, 350 degrees, i think 30 min.?)

Re: Re: Re: raw for lent?

well,if you cooked them, they wouldnt be raw anymore.
and soy butter isnt raw. neither is soy milk,

heated soy sauce, oil that wasent cold pressed, or anything that within its entire life span has been heated above 118 degress.
no, canned fruit isnt raw, sorry.

giid luck going raw!