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Re: Re: Cheese

Also, cheese contains a cow enzyme called rennet, which is extracted from this linging in the cows intestine. I believe this is what makes cheese sticky and gooey. I think it's totally sick. So technically yes, cheese comes from a cow, it just wasn't directly as a whole, part of the cow, like steak for example.. that's a cows a$$.

Re: Re: Re: Cheese

I don't think you guys supported her at all. Besides, there is bacteria in many foods, not all bacteria is bad for you. However odd that sounds.


Re: Cheese

speaking of people saying annoying stuff, don't you just hate it when you ask for a cheese pizza and everyone says just take he pepperoni off. Why don't you just buy a freakin cheese and add pepperoni? I hate when people say that!!!!

Re: Cheese

For Realssssssssss, Girl!!! I totally hate that!!! & THeY do the SAME THING w/ eggs! uuuhhhhhhhhh! come on people!!!

Re: Re: Cheese

right now im eating cheese and eggs...but im stoping that very soon, ive decided to go vegan. horrible things still have to happen to the animals that produce the milk and eggs in order for these things to be put on store shelfs. but ANYWAYS people are just a$$holes sometimes about vegatarian/vegan lifestyle and are not aware that there are diff. variations of vegetarianism such as lacto-ovo... inform these know it alls..