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Re: omg there are NO vegetarian meals at my school!

there is pizza everyday at school, but its no help for me and my vegan buddies.. i just bring food.

Re: omg there are NO vegetarian meals at my school!

talk to the cafeteria manager, at my school there isn't really anthing vegan but fries, and since our school food is horrible i just pack my lunch, but Kathy, our cafeteria manager actually hunts me down once every few months to make sure i still dont need food, and if for some reason i dont have food, or my microwave gets gone (i get to use the one in the culinary arts room, but sometimes it gets loaned out) the whole cafeteria staff tries to find me food, and makes sure that if i'm eating a bun with salad and no dressing, i dont get charged for a whole hamburger. cafeteria managers are way nicer than principals, just be nice to them and use good maners and you'll always have something to eat, even if they all refer to you as "my veggie" every time they see you.

Re: omg there are NO vegetarian meals at my school!

my school also does not have a vegetarian choice at my school. Unless you want to eat a few piecies of lettus and a cookie you have to bring a lunch. Sometimes they have meals that might not have meat in it, but always ask the lunch lady and she doesn't even know. That really irritates me.
It suprises me that schools can do that with people that have different religions that cant eat certain meats. i mean the school should at least know if there is meat in the food.