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Re: Re: Re: Re: omg there are NO vegetarian meals at my school!

I would start up a petition with all the vegs at the school and get a vegetarian option added to your schoo menu. I'm sure if you get enough signatures together then your principle would atleast consider it. Making your lunch everyday does get tiring =

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: omg there are NO vegetarian meals at my school!

i keep cliff bars, boulder bars, and audrey bars in my locker for the days when i forget to or dont have time to pack a lunch

Re: Re: omg there are NO vegetarian meals at my school!

Sorry im a bit late... year or so but if u are still in school and there are still no options i would tell my headteacher to add more meals. Though my school offers veggie burgers and such i still bring a packed lunch... maybe you could do the same if u dont want to annoy ur principle

heres lots of pics lol


Re: omg there are NO vegetarian meals at my school!

i dont go to school anymore (homeschooling) but when i did, my school had a least a salad bar and breadsticks w/cheese in the middle everyday...doesn't work for vegans (like me) but it was better than what you guys are saying!
i would talk to your principal and just ask nicely if there is any options she could add that would be available daily. if not, i guess just bring a lunch (thats what i did).

Re: omg there are NO vegetarian meals at my school!

I am currently dealing with food problems at my school. I go to college, so my situation and advice might not apply 100% to problems at high schools and middle schools (mostly because I eat 90% of my meals at school--I live on campus).

The key is to politely ask for reasonable things. Don't just make demands; tell them what is wrong AND how to fix it easily and cheaply. For example, let's say that your school regularly offers beef tacos. I'm sure that your school also has beans, so all that they have to do is cook up a few bowls of beans and add that to the shells instead of cow when they are asked to.

If you talk to your principal in this manner (offering easy, cheap--hopefully free--ways for the school to meet your needs) you should hopefully have more success than going in and saying "I am a vegetarian because you are immoral for eating poor defenseless animals and you have to make food for me and my small group of friends!" If your polite requests don't work doesn't work, perhaps you can get your parents to request exactly what your have (but parents tend to have more pull with the school system than their children do).

If your school does not respond to your polite requests for reasonable and hopefully cost-free modifications, then you may feel free to take further (less polite) action. Contact the student newspaper and tell them that you and this many other students are vegetarians and have politely requested such and such reasonable things and have been ignored. See if you can get a news story. Contact your city's local paper, and tell them the same thing.

Another less polite option might be to try standing outside the cafeteria (get permission!) during lunch and handing out information. I don't mean information about why your classmates should be vegetarian (that's a different battle). But how about "I'm standing out here because the school refuses to feed me! How difficult could it be to offer a vegetarian a few vegetables? It's not like the rest of you eat them!" The point is not really to get hundreds of students to agree with you. The point is that the school will hate this, especially if you can get the local paper or news channel to cover it (try calling them again now if they turned you down the first time).

The major weapon you have is not giving up. If your school does not respond to your requests, I would bet money that it is because they figure it is less trouble to anger you than to spend any amount of time reworking their food system. Don't go away! Prove to them that it will be less trouble to give you your bean tacos (for example) or offer a daily veg option.

Of course, all of these suggestions assume a level of commitment that you may or may not have. Please don't misunderstand me, I am not attacking you here. I am just saying that at some point you might decide that this battle is not worth your time. You just have to hope that the school decides to give up and suffer the inconvenience of offering you veg meals before you decide to give up and just pack a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day. Feel free to e-mail me and good luck!

Re: omg there are NO vegetarian meals at my school!

there is pizza everyday at school, but its no help for me and my vegan buddies.. i just bring food.

Re: omg there are NO vegetarian meals at my school!

talk to the cafeteria manager, at my school there isn't really anthing vegan but fries, and since our school food is horrible i just pack my lunch, but Kathy, our cafeteria manager actually hunts me down once every few months to make sure i still dont need food, and if for some reason i dont have food, or my microwave gets gone (i get to use the one in the culinary arts room, but sometimes it gets loaned out) the whole cafeteria staff tries to find me food, and makes sure that if i'm eating a bun with salad and no dressing, i dont get charged for a whole hamburger. cafeteria managers are way nicer than principals, just be nice to them and use good maners and you'll always have something to eat, even if they all refer to you as "my veggie" every time they see you.

Re: omg there are NO vegetarian meals at my school!

my school also does not have a vegetarian choice at my school. Unless you want to eat a few piecies of lettus and a cookie you have to bring a lunch. Sometimes they have meals that might not have meat in it, but always ask the lunch lady and she doesn't even know. That really irritates me.
It suprises me that schools can do that with people that have different religions that cant eat certain meats. i mean the school should at least know if there is meat in the food.