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2016 Team Championship

As announced at the AGM we will be running a Team Championship for the first time this year. This should be an exciting sideshow to the serious business of class racing.

The teams will comprise of;

1 driver from Class 1
1 driver from Class 2
1 driver from classes 3,4,5,6,7.
1 driver from classes 8,9,10.
1 driver from classes 11,12,13,14.
1 driver from Juniors/Junior Specials.

The teams won't race against each other but the points each driver in the team scores in every meeting will be added towards the team championship. Geoff will publish the points scored by the teams in a points chart similar to the individual points he lists after every meeting.

We feel the banter and added interest in this unique championship will continue to keep our club moving forward. There will be a special trophy at the end of the season for the winning team.

Please join in the fun, select your team members, then publish them on here with a team name.

Re: 2016 Team Championship

Dirt Demons

Class 1-Michael Hobgen IK361
Class 2-Martyn Byde IK61
Class 3,4,5,6-Nathan Peto IK108
Class 7,8,9,10-Geoff Montgomerie IK89
Class 11,12,13,14-Bethany Giles IK48
Junior-Bradley Byde IK60

Re: 2016 Team Championship

4 fast 2 furious

Class 1- Nick Apps IK60
Class 2-Ben Stevenson IK33
Class 3,4,5,6,7- Paul Eggleton IK49
Class 8,9,10- Darren Cornwell IK77
Class 11,12,13,14- Libby Cornwell IK77
Junior- Jack Redford IK956

Re: 2016 Team Championship

The rubber ronnies

Class 1 - Jack Bromley IK130
Class 2 - Aaron Batens IK351
Class 4 - Ron Martin IK4
Class 8 - Steve Sweatman IK18
Class 11 - Kayleigh Smith IK351
Junior - Nathan Leigh

Re: 2016 Team Championship

NOT me i'm out

Re: 2016 Team Championship

Can someone please confirm the line up for team The Rubber Ronnies then I can include them on my points lists.

Re: 2016 Team Championship

Exact same people just different name - The Krayzees.

Re: 2016 Team Championship

Team name the
good the bad the ugly and the cheat
Class1 Lee jell
Class2 Aaron Selmes
Class7 ben shell
Class8 Scott Shell
Ladies chloe bishop
Jnr Connor bishop

Re: 2016 Team Championship

Team Shake & bake

Junior, Charlotte lines Ik498
Class 1, Lee jel Ik185
Class 2, Jimmy andrews Ik733
Class 3, Martin beaney Ik316
Class 10, Kelvin Bradstreet Ik84
Lady's , Stacey beaney Ik316

Re: 2016 Team Championship

Dust Devils

Class 1 - Billy Rummery. IK212
Class 2 - Melody Ostridge, IK140
Class 3/4/5/6/7 - Paul Finn, IK83
Class 8/9/10 - Jamie Hollingsbee, IK111
Class 11/12/13/14 - Dru Hollingsbee, IK111
Junior - Bradley Pullen, IK615

Re: 2016 Team Championship

Neil can you please clarify if a person can be in 2 teams as we have a class 1 driver in 2 teams?

Re: 2016 Team Championship

No they can't be in two teams, Lee has already been told. I think they are sorting it out now.

Re: 2016 Team Championship

Team Name: Rubbing's Racing

Class 1: Michael Winkworth IK47
Class 2: Jamie Knewham IK48
Class 3,4,5,6,7: Gary Thomas IK155
Class 8,9,10: Mitch Wells IK356 (Team Captain)
Ladies: Paula Wells IK356
Junior: Bradley Thomas IK55

BetFred 2-1 favourites lol

Re: 2016 Team Championship

Team Name: The Pace Makers

Class 1: Hannah Hinton IK225
Class 2: Paul Hinton NASA25
Class 3,4,5,6,7: Paul Cowell IK62
Class 8,9,10: Mitch Hollingsbee IK888
Ladies: Lisa Godden IK62
Junior: Caitlin Godden IK162

Re: 2016 Team Championship

I am trying to input names into the computer for the teams
ready for the first race meeting.
The following people do not hold licences but have been put into
teams. They are Jack Redford and Nathan Leigh.
Also can Lee Jell please confirm which team he will be in and then another
name be given to me for whichever team he is not in.


Re: 2016 Team Championship

Matt Cake ik630 (Captain)
Louis Carden ik243
Rachel collier ik960
Mark weeks ik116
Wesley Johnston ik34
Laurence Chivers ik711

Name: Fruit 'N' Nut