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Rother TV - Invicta Kent Highlights are now up ! 30.06.13

Good Evening All,

As I said last night Great Racing this weekend and thanks again for having us !

As per usual we are getting more and more hits on the site which is fantastic, I have also had a few people saying that it doesn't work properly but it jumps or stutters, well unfortunately this is due to your internet connection, some of you who maybe on Virgin Internet or Fibre, or generally if you are in a good area close to a BT exchange it should be ok... the best thing we have found to resolve this is to load up the video and pause it go and put the kettle on and make a cuppa then by the time you get back it should have buffered enough to watch, please do let us know if anyone encounters any issues with the Online TV station.

Again all we ask is that you spread the word about our TV Station

We have also recently added some Formula 4 footage if anyone is interested, A local Rye lad has worked his way up from Karting to Formula 4, an interview with Jack Barlow -

Now for the Video everyone has been waiting for

I hope everyone enjoys the video, please feel free to leave any comments as we welcome any good or bad! We want to work together so if there is anything we can do to improve then please feel free to let us know!

Ok last but not could I please ask you all to make people aware of our charity

Entertainment Workshops, based in Rye, East Sussex offers Young people an opportunity in hands on experience with the Creative industry, such as Photography, Film Making, Editing, Recording Audio in a recording studio, on location Filming, ICT skills, but more importantly giving them the opportunity to work with industry standard equipment hoping they choose a career path into work.

Thanks for your time and look forward to your comments! Thank you

Re: Rother TV - Invicta Kent Highlights are now up ! 30.06.13

Brilliant work guys as usual! Really appreciate the time and effort!:-)

Re: Rother TV - Invicta Kent Highlights are now up ! 30.06.13

Thanks Barry ! Really appreciate the comments and kind words !

Re: Rother TV - Invicta Kent Highlights are now up ! 30.06.13

Thanks for the footage ..... just wondering whether complete footage of a race / particular class was available for download or purchase?

Currently going through a trial and error learning curve with my Class 5 set-up, changing things each race and it would be great to see what was happening when looking at the car from the outside and comparing it to what's happening on the inside. Fully appreciate I could fire up the i-phone and sweet talk the other half into filming the class 5s but if footage was already available that'd be great. Thanks

Re: Rother TV - Invicta Kent Highlights are now up ! 30.06.13

Hi Mark,

Sorry for the late reply, once again it has been a crazy couple of weeks !

If you would like to email me the details of what you would like to see I could compile a dvd / usb stick for you ?

Best thing to do is email me

Many thanks !