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Info on 65 Impala

Questions are for a 65 Impala SS.
Does anyone know if the AM-FM with Multiplex Stereo came with only a front fender mounted antenna, or could it come with the RH quarter panel antenna?
Was the dashboard face painted gloss or semi-gloss? Thanks for any info.

Re: Info on 65 Impala

Hi Keith,
ALL AM/FM cars could only be had from the factory with a RF fender antenna. A rear antenna was too far from the radio to get a good signal on the FM band for any length of time. It's even more pronounced with a Stereo as the signal is split in half. The dash housing is a flat to eggshell consistency ( the area that the lower aluminum trim moldings bolts too and that the switches mount into). The insert that the cluster bolts into is gloss as is the glovebox door. Don Bock 856-467-7966