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2013 Tour Dates in Maryland

I am trying to get more information on the proposed June 12 date at Meriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia,MD. It's on the Rascal's schedule but Meriweather has no knowledge of it. Anyone have an update or revised schedule?
Thank You

Re: 2013 Tour Dates in Maryland

That would make sense if I missed it, cause that was the last Place I saw the group all together, I think it was 1969 on my 12th birthday, at Merryweather in Columbia Maryland.....the place is so built up now no one would recognize it. I wouldnt be surprised if they couldnt find it even with a GPS! I would love to hear of any other nearby "dates" in the surrounding area of Baltimore or Washington.....including all the cities inbetween....Hey, WolfTrap in Vienna Va isnt that far and has real good acoustics too!!

Re: 2013 Tour Dates in Maryland

Well 6/12 has come and gone and Meriweather never had a clue that tickets were being sold for them. Although they did comment that any tickets for 6/12 were bogus. But good news for Marylanders, Oct 3rd, 4th and the 5th 2013 at
The Lyric in Baltimore. Confirmed by their own web site. See you there !

Re: 2013 Tour Dates in Maryland

Thank you, sorry took so long to find you again and hope to talk to you before concert .. Did you get your tickets yet? I sure hope I can get good seats because being old now and all my eyesite aint what it used to be.......Pray for me (us) for good seats! See Ya There Mary

ATTENTION TO WENDY: : 2013 Tour Dates in Maryland, from Mary

Well, now what. Ive just been informed that the lyric center in baltimore, which is 40-45miles away from my home, but still we were atrekin....has cancelled all 3 of their scheduled performances. Any other ideas for us dyhard east coasters? I suppose I will now after almost 50yrs of complete loyalty put the lid on it. you can only kick a dog so many times. They cancelled once before when my entire family had tickets, grandmother and all, way back in the late 60's on us, when they were scheduled to do a Benefit in Washington DC, which is only like 15 miles from home. One day the fan base will be down to zero, between Laura Wendy and Myself, I think its safe to say we were the most loyal on the Planet....what a disappointment, Wendy, im almost happy Laura isnt here to see this one....Wendy, Im sure there is a reason but Im very gonna try to call you if I can find your numberk mine is 240.406.0903, Thanks for reading, Mary B. (im the one in the photo (before I got sick) with LAURA (before she got sick) AND fEE WITH MY son Philip when he was around 16 or 17, he's 30yrs old now and was so happy to be able to take his poor handicapped single mom to one last show.....

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