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former band members

In the mid 70's I was a struggling (but having a great time) college student. I spent about a year and a half living with the same roommates, Joe and Carole Prinzo. Joe was maybe 10 years older than me and a very bitter ex musician who always claimed that he was an early member of the Young Rascals. He said that just as the band was making headway into the music scene he was drafted into the army. I'm guessing early to mid 60's? So here I am decades later wondering if Joe Prinzo was right. Can you help?

Re: former band members

I was wondering about early members too. My daddy played with them in the early sixties (?) Skipper Hunt was his name. He passed away in 1995, so sadly I can't ask him all the burning questions I have now about his early years in music.

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