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My First Concert

The winter of 1966, I went to the farm show building in Harrisburg, Pa. to see Tommy James and the Shondells, Neal Diamond, the Young Rascals, and a few others for $1.50. I was really there to see Tommy James, but the Young Rascals played last and stole the show. I stood against the stage in front of Gene Cornish. I was totally captivated by him then Dino. Felix and Eddie were great too. Neal and Tommy were great, but the Rascals won me as a fan forever.

All my Rascal Concerts

My first concert was The Rascals after Gene & Eddie left in 1971 in White Plains, N. Y. I call it the "Peaceful World" concert. Then I saw Felix with a group of young people backing him up around 1980 something in St. Louis, where I live. Then in 1988 prior to Atlantic Recording Studios 40th anniversary in St. Louis at the "West Port Playhouse". This was a theatre in the round that rotated. I was in the front row. Before the concert started I leaned over & touched one of Gene's guitars and got caught. A stage hand then moved it back. During one of the songs my 16 year old son stood up holding my Gene Cornish songbook. Gene signed it right in the middle of a song. I now have tickets to "The Capitol Theatre" in Port Chester for the show December 14th. I will be driving 1,015 from St. Louis, Mo. This is going to be the greatest concert of my life.

Keep on Groovin

Re: My First Concert

I was playing with the others at this concert and had a great time. Now live in Mechanucsburg

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