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Rascals Psychedelia?

I can vaguely remember a Rascals Greatest Hits collection sold via 1-800 number on a TV commercial around 1977 or '78.

It of course, played brief excerpts of some of the songs, but a rather odd one sticks in my mind and I cannot find it -- at least, not by searching Rascals lyric sites or song titles.

The particular song in question seemed to have a light psychedelic sound to the instrumentation, and went something like "Tell me a story, let's see the (something, something)".

I would have assumed "Tell Me a Story" was the title, but obviously not!

Any idea what this song was?

Re: Rascals Psychedelia?

I believe it's the beginning the song "It's Wonderful

Re: Rascals Psychedelia?

BINGO!!! That was IT!

Thank you, Steve, I've been curious about that for over 30 years! I just wonder why I couldn't Google it, though....

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