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Rascals in Rochester 5/15/2011 Lilac Festival

What an amazing night for a Rascal's fan! I had VIP tickets and decided to sit upstairs. My seat was to the side of the stage. It was a good spot because I got to see Felix as he stood waiting to go on. I started to wave to him with both hands. At first he just looked, but then he started to wave back! It made my night. After a few songs and me wondering where Gene was, he came out and stood to go on. When he took the stage it was fantastic.
I know every Rascal song. My fav was Eddie. I missed him and Dino that night, but two was better then no one as I have waited many years to see them live and in person. I was only 12 when the group was popular, so I didn't get to see them.

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