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graphing pictures

I was wondering if you happen to have any actual picture of the graphing pictures that you have listed on your website. I would like to do this with my class as well, but I would like to have a look at the pictures as the school is a little funny about things. :-( If possible please e-mail me back and let me know if you do. Even if they are samples of your students' work. What school system are you in? What state are you located?



Re: graphing pictures

I would like to recieve those pictures if you have them also. thanks

Re: graphing pictures

I have actual started putting these into Excel and creating a picture from the coordinates. I am almost finished with the orginals from the website. I also have started making my own graphing pictures. I would love to get new pictures as your class does them. These are great extra credit projects.

Re: graphing pictures

could you ost bambi and friends on your website? Having trouble