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3 years already!!

It's been three years since I was in Mr.Colli's class. Yeah, we were the FIRST Bulldogs! We rocked!! Wutzup Mr.Colli? Your lucky you don't have my brother. Let's just say that he's VERY different from me. :) Hope your per.'s 4-5 are better than ours was 3 years ago. It was really the best though!! Tell Mr.Caramagna I said wutzup. Freshman year in BHS is cool so far. Middle School was better...I have to get up 7:15 now!! man! At least for BMS I could get up 8:30. This is TOO early for me hahaha. Have a good year peoplez...do your stuff for Colli..he's da coolest teacher. ~pEace

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Re: 3 years already!! - by Mr. Colli - Dec 2, 2005 4:06pm
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