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RSPB Greylake (15/11/2015)

Wonderful visit to Greylake early this morning and it's good to see the number of ducks slowly increasing.

Plenty of Wigeon, Teal, Mallard, Starlings and Lapwing
A single Pintail (Spotted by Martin Sage)
A kingfisher hovering and fishing right in front of the hide
A crow that made repeated attacks a single duck
Grey Herons

Car Park
Pair of Kestrel hunting
Bunch of Goldfinch bathing in the puddles

But of interest was the pale/white duck in with the teal. Same size as the teal, a green flash in the wing but with a yellow bill. Not sure whether it is a teal or Mallard cross.

Pictures here and here


Re: RSPB Greylake (15/11/2015)

Apologies for the late posting. I visited Greylake yesterday morning. Many of the birds as per Robin's list - indeed the Kingfisher seems to have perched in very similar, and thoughtful, places. The 'pruning' of the reeds is very helpful for viewing. Extras to Robin's list included Stonechat, Pied wagtail, and Wren. Well worth a visit at the moment. I've put a few of the sightings on my website and will add to them shortly.