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24-Oct Shapwick Heath - Decoy Hide

Damp, Grey and Wet on Shapwick Heath this morning.
First port of call was Canada Farm….. Nothing of real interest.

Decoy Hide … All change
2 (maybe 3) Marsh Harriers all over the place. Great to watch and enjoy
1 Peregrine over the top…anyone in Noah’s would have got a great view
1 Buzzard which briefly landed on the hide!!
Large flock of Tits passed through the reeds in front of hide
1 Great White Egret
Large Raft of Coots
Large flock of Lapwing
3 pairs of Shovelers

Pair of Male Swans having a territorial display. Then one broke off and come towards the hide. Plenty of ducks around but after about 10mins the swan launched an attack into the reeds to the right of hide. No idea why. If it was an Otter I’m sure that the ducks would have been off before the attack.