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Guide Lines for posting

Partially copied in from the Bird Sightings Forum, Bird News Page...

Guidelines for posting:
Only post bird sighting news.
No anonymous postings are allowed, please provide your name.
Leaving your email address is optional.
Do not be abusive or defamatory.
The Somerset Ornithological Society accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any consequences of any postings.
The Somerset Ornithological Society accepts no responsibility for any data collected by Bravenet, the forum provider.
The content of forum posts is entirely at the discretion of the moderators. Posts considered inappropriate will be removed without warning and the poster will not necessarily be informed.
Remember that all postings can be read by anybody with internet access, anywhere on the planet. If you don't want your posting widely read, do not post it!

Please remember that unnecessary postings cost money and take up our limited number of prepaid posts with Bravenet.

Photos are increasingly being uploaded onto the Messageboard.
While this may not cause a problem if you are viewing the Messageboard on a home PC or a laptop, it can make the Messageboard frustratingly slow to load on a mobile phone, so we would appreciate it if photos were not uploaded into messages. If you have your own blog or website then you can include a link to it in your message.
When the Society's new website is up and running, it should be possible to upload photos into its Photo Gallery.