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Canada Farm & Shapwick Moor

About 150 Redwings on the track between Canada Farm & Shapwick Moor.

From the lake at Canada Farm - 2 Bitterns including one bold individual in the reeds directly below the hide, 1 female Marsh Harrier, 2 Ravens, & 2 Kingfishers. Jays were also very visible and vocal as usual at this time of year.

Several GS Woodpeckers and Reed Buntings on the feeders at Shapwick Moor.

Re: Canada Farm (18th Oct)

In was in the hide at the weekend (Sun 18th Oct) and the Bittern (there can only be one) walked through the reeds right in front of the hide. This was an incredible sight. What was even more amazing was that it was so difficult to see, even when so close and looking down on it. It was driving me mad trying to see it. Eventually it turned its head to the side and I saw its eye looking up.
I didn’t realise how far these birds will walk as it carried on down passed the hide. Incidentally while I could still hear it moving in the reeds a second bird landed on the island.

It was so quiet on Sunday morning that you could everything, including a hunting Otter as it breathed out on coming to the surface!