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Re: Steart Marshes - 14 October 2015

Steart Marshes - 14 October 2015 (afternoon)

1 Peregrine - roosting on a pylon.

4 Kestrel - perched and hover-hunting.

1 Sparrowhawk - located the leucistic hawk flying above Wall Common beach. She(?) soared up and slowly drifted above the marshes and looked amazing lit by warm afternoon sunshine against a slate grey sky. She dropped down and landed on the marshes for a few minutes before moving away around Catsford Common and then sat on the shingle above Wall Common beach. In view for 30 minutes.

2 Common Buzzard - both soaring low (separately).


2 Greenshank
80+ Goldfinch
30+ Linnet
2 Stonechat
3 Wheatear - all juveniles.